017.jpgAll products of INA VASILIK are made by hand, each piece from weighing the material, mixing body balms and oils, dripping essential oils and casting candles to sticking the sticker and final packaging is handmade, therefore each piece is an original with its own story. The basis is high-quality, cold-pressed and organic vegetable oils, natural waxes and pure essential oils, which have an amazing ability - they act relatively quickly against bacteria, fungi, viruses and microorganisms, stimulate cells and have a very wide field of action. They stimulate the immune system, restore the balance of the mind and also have a beneficial effect on physical condition.

Stress, high workload and lack of rest is one of the main threats of the current lifestyle. We live in the age of information, everything is speeding up, demands are increasing. Civilization has brought us really amazing progress in many areas, mental and technical maturity, but also a lot of chemical waste.

Natural therapy is a healthy alternative for everyone, it can conjure a smile both in the heart and on the face, a person becomes calmer and more balanced over time. Skin oils, body oils and balms contain unique components of vegetable and essential oils; from lavender, clary sage, honeydew, through the essences of woody plants, resins and citrus, to unique, highly valued and relatively expensive essences from Moroccan and Bulgarian roses, white magnolias, jasmine, Omani frankincense, real vanilla from Madagascar, or sandalwood. Their goal is not to try to completely stop natural aging, but to support the proper functioning of the organism, mutually harmonize the mental and physical body, improve the tone and condition of the skin, and to exploit and evaluate the benefits of what nature offers us as much as possible. Unlike synthetic ingredients, the interaction of natural aromatics takes a while for all the profiles to connect with each other and it is an experience to observe how they evolve in unpredictable ways. And that's the best part, because each piece is original and exceptional at the same time.

Aromatherapy products are not medicines, they do not have such a strong power to completely cure existing and ongoing diseases, but they can help alleviate the discomfort associated with these diseases and thus contribute to a better state of health, whether of a psychological or physical nature. And last but not least, their authentic scent is a natural attraction for all our senses.